Sienna X Spray Tanning

Sienna X Spray Tanning.

Sienna X is the market leader in professional sunless tanning. All together better for you than sunbeds and has products suited to every skin type. It can give you the same results as being out in the sun for 10 – 14 days, but without the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

Sienna X has been credited with use on Strictly Come Dancing and the Brit Awards.

Spray tanning involves you being asked a series of questions and a consultation card will be completed. You will stand in a booth in your chosen dark underwear and a tanning solution will be sprayed over you. You will just need to follow a few smple instructions to make sure all areas are covered with the solution.

Prior to you treatment you will have needed to exfoliate the day or evening before paying particular attention to knees, elbows and any dry areas.

Barrier cream will first be applied to hands, elbows, knees, feet and any other dry areas to reduce absorption. A cap will be provided so no solution goes in your hair.

Warm air will be used to dry you off after the spray, and providing you have loose clothing with you - you will be able to get dressed within minutes.

The whole treatment should take no longer than 15 minutes.

The tan should the be allowed to develop over the next 8 hours after which time you will be able to shower and remove the guide colour, thus leaving an even glowing tan underneath.

The tan should last between 5 – 7 days depending on your daily skincare routine.

After the spray avoid excessive exercise, persiring or getting wet during the development time.

Swimming or long baths will fade your tan quicker.

If coming for a spray tan remember not to moisturise or use deodorant or perfume berforhand. Also remove any makeup. Sienna X

Sienna X