Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

A staple treatment for any beautician!

Brows and lashes are increasingly becoming a more and more important part of basic make-up.

Having brows and lashes tinted now means less time having to apply products like mascara and eye brow pencil, but still having the effect of wearing it.

If coming for a brow or lash treatment you will need to make sure you have no make up or mascara on.

To begin the treatment the area is cleansed, and care is taken to protect the delicate areas around the eye. The colour of the tint required will be discussed.

The tint is prepared and then applied to lashes or brows with a fine brush. Brow tint develops in a matter of minutes, so no sooner has tint been applied on both brows – it is the wiped off using fresh water and the job is complete.

With eyelashes the process takes slightly longer. The tint is applied to the lashes again with a fine brush, covered and left for 5 – 15 minutes. Quite often the tint is applied to the lashes first, then the brows can be done whilst the lashes are developing.

Colours can be mixed to suit your natural hair tones, and afterwards make can be used, if desired, in the normal way.

A patch test will need to be done 24 – 48 hours prior to the treatment, to make sure there is no reaction to the products.

This is an simple, cost efficient treatment with long lasting effects.

Please note that if having this treatment done for holidays in very sunny climates, the fading may be quicker than the normal 4 – 6 weeks.